Educating The Nations

Partnering with diabled children and their families

Program Overview

Educating the Nations is a small Peruvian organization working with disabled children and their families in Pachacutec, Peru. Victoria Moreno started this ministry by door knocking in Pachacutec to identify families who have a child with disabilities. In this culture, many times these children are hidden from the community and not provided the care needed to meet their potential. Despite the existence of a Peruvian health care system that covers the basic health needs of these children, their overall care is often substandard due to a host of logistical, financial and cultural obstacles. Families living in extreme poverty are many times unaware of the services provided by the health care system in Peru and the health care system in not always open to providing needed services. By building relationships with these families, Victoria has been able to advocate for these children and through monthly visits, mentor the families.

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